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Project "Strategic. Competences"

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The Development of Strategical Individual Competencies in the Context of European Integration


While integrating into a multicultural market of European labour force with different systems of learning and education, different traditions in the sphere of human resource management, the success of human resources first of all depends on strategical competencies of individuals. Strategical individual competencies can be defined as the whole of knowledge, skills, abilities and ways of working an employee has to master, no matter what position he/she takes in an organisation. Traditionally the education system is orientated to the formation of professional competencies, named as “tough“ or “hard skills”; whereas the attention to the “soft” competences (personal, social, emotional) is not significant. Thus the latter competencies are especially relevant to the rapidly changing business world and provide conditions for business development.
Though different models of competencies exist, their practical appliance is orientated to the demand of particular companies, while directive development of strategical competencies must be started already in the primary steps of employee training, i.e. in the process of studies, by forming strategically significant competencies. This has determined the change of the competencies paradigm from human resources assessment to human resources development (HRD) with the goal of developing strategically perspective competencies.
The development of strategical individual competencies within this project involves establishing a catalogue of these competencies and their development methodology, which is not limited to organizations, sectors or countries, because the fast processes of European Integration, the complementary structure of business links, and the dynamics of markets require strategic guidelines for the development of united strategical individual competencies.

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Andrea Egger-Subotitsch (abif)

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Thomas Kreiml (abif)

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Kaunas University if Technology, Economics and Management Faculty (


EU Program Leonardo da Vinci

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Albatros & Deltha Consulting S.L. (, DIAKRISI (, INNOVATE (, e.V. (, LiM AG (, Fundação Escola Profissional de Setúbal (, Znanie Association (, Vilnius College of Higher Education (


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