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Project "N&A Caremanagement"

Project Title

Demand and Acceptance Analysis on the University of Applied Sciences Programme "Caremanagement"


The requirements for healthcare and nursing professionals grow continuously, not least because of the ageing population. Therefore, the University of Applied Sciences JOANNEUM plans the implementation of a programme of three years tailored to full-time working employees in the health and nursing sector to help them meeting the new challenges. It should also prepare them for jobs in middle or higher management and open up new career prospects.

abif is carrying out a thorough demand and acceptance analysis for that very programme. It will analyze the current and future health system, the respective professional field and already existing health-related (further) educations. In addition to analyzing quantitative data and research literature, it will interview professionals working in the health and nursing sector.

Project Management

Mag.a Andrea Egger-Subotitsch

Project Team

Mag.a Marie Jelenko, Mag.a Marlene Wimler

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Project End


Project Initiator

University of Applied Sciences JOANNEUM