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Project "Disadvantaged Youth"

Project Title

Measures for young people with special needs - evaluation, analysis, future perspectives


In the case of young people with special needs a break arises frequently when it comes to the continuity of care and support they get after they leave the compulsory school. This group of people meets after primary school in different institutions and measures, not an insignificant part remaining also in the family associations without any care and job perspectives.

The goal of the study is it to include on the offer page the necessary measures for the labour market integration of youngsters with special needs in Austria, to process information about co-operation structures, division of responsibilities, objectives of the offered measures and to compare them. On the enquiry page the situation of the young people with special needs, their living conditions and the processes of their life planning are analyzed. A goal here is to identify the conditions, which support in the personal and family accomplishment of the transitions to the working life.

On the basis of this comparison a concept for the further development of measures for disadvantaged young people will be developed as fundament for the future esf- measure planning (European social fund).

The project provides for the qualitative enquiry with the target group and with the experts as well as the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the measures. In terms of a systemic analysis different potential organisations responsible for taking the measures are invited to actively participate in a workshop.

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Isabella Kaupa (SORA), Elisabeth Simbürger (SORA), Karin Steiner (abif), Andrea Egger (abif)

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Federal Ministry of Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protection