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Project "SOCIMMA"

Project Title

SOCIMMA - Social integration of immigrants increasing their intercultural knowledge through e-learning environment


Immigration processes involve the change of cultural environment and the adaption to a new one. The European Union expands, the borders and distances as well, consequently the immigration is present and the muliticulturalness requires attention and opened attitudes as well as means, which would let the immigrants become fully involved citizens.

To cover this need the goal of the project is to help immigrants to enter the social and economical areas of a new country and to successfully integrate in a new country, considering their natural, cultural backgrounds. In order to be able to support integrative processes an alternative learning environment targeted towards the ethnic minorities shall be created and provided. Therefore the task of the project is to design an interactive learning setting with concrete learning materials to fit directly the immigrants needs using the research, analysis and experience of the other countries in this field.
Based on experiences from traditional education methods to innovation methods adult learners shall get used to knowledge on education, other cultures and plurality of languages using ICT.

The materials and methodologies gathered throughout the project will be accessible to the public via internet. The learning modules and methodologies' summary booklets in paper copies and CD-ROM-form will be distributed to the organisations directly working with the targeted groups

Project Management

Brigitte Mosberger (abif)

Project Team

Diana Höglinger (abif)

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Lithuania, Denmark, Slovakia