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Project "Green Deal"

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Labour market policies of European PES to support a Green Deal - conclusions for Austria


The transition of economies to climate and environment-friendly processes in raw material exploration, production, processing, logistics, distribution and recycling, which is urgently demanded by the EU and national governments, affects all relevant areas of our economic life, i.e. also the (vocational) education system, work and company organisation as well as the various levels of action of economic, employment and labour market policy.

The study conducted by abif in cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) compares the labour market policy concepts of other European countries in support of a Green Deal and draws possible conclusions for Austrian labour market policy, in particular for the Austrian Public Employment Service. Methodologically, the study includes a comparative analysis of labour market and just transition documents as well as programme documents on the national implementation of the Green Deal in the area of environmental and climate policy. In addition, information from EU labour market databases is used to compare the use of funds in European countries and to identify individual labour market policy projects and reforms for the green transition. Based on the research, two countries are selected as case studies and interviews are conducted with labour market experts.

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Mag.a Andrea Egger, Mag.a Julia Bock-Schappelwein

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Mag.a Claudia Liebeswar, MA, Wolfgang Mayer, MA

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Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich

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