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Project "DISCO"

Project Title

Distance, Blended and Online Counselling Skills for Career Counselors


DISCO brings together IAG and Digital competence development through its objectives to:

a) improve, consolidate and expand the digital competences of IAG practitioners, jobs and careers counsellors, where theycan continuously access and benefit from high quality digital e-learning and blended learning resources;

b) support guidance and counselling services providers in planning and implementing the needed digital transformation in IAG to better respond to the changing needs of their clients as well as labour market evolution and societal changes;

c) promote a cultural shift in VET, where the digital transformation of the labour market can be fully taken onboard in the daily work of guidance and counselling staff, particularly for those clients who are facing barriers and have fewer opportunities - allowing a wider and meaningful use of digital resources for staff training, gaining knowledge and relevance on the labour market and digital transformation and being able to direct clients towards it.

Its concrete results include:

- A Methods Concept for practices and experiences in ‚crisis contexts‘ via distance and blended counselling;

- Learning matrix of competences for career counsellors in distance, blended and online counselling;

- Modular blended learning programme for distance, blended and online guidance and counselling;

- Train the trainer Methods e-Guide

Project Management

Karin Steiner (national project management)

Project Team

Alexandra Gössl

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Project End



TrimTab (Sweden)


Erasmus+ programme