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Project "Nähkästchen"

Project Title

Evaluation of the "Footprint"-project "Aus’m Nähkästchen – Methodenkoffer"


The Footprint association supports women and girls affected by violence and human trafficking. The project "Aus’m Nähkästchen – Methodenkoffer" is based on the predecessor project "Aus’m Nähkästchen". The aim is to develop a method kit that can be used by other organisations in a cost-effective and sustainable way in their work with clients on the topics of sexuality and reproductive self-determination. Thus, the project has two target groups: On the one hand, women and girls affected by violence and human trafficking, on the other hand, institutions and organisations that can use the method case in their work with clients. The research institute abif was commissioned with the accompanying evaluation of this project. The evaluation includes the ongoing analysis of internal project documents and monitoring data, the analysis of the methods/method cards, 2-3 participant observations and the collection of feedback from participants and workshop facilitators as well as feedback sessions with the network partners and the analysis of the dissemination of the method kit.

Project Management

Maga Andrea Egger

Project Team

Maga Gabriele Schmied, Karolina Seidl MA

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