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Project "N&A Social Work (Vie)"

Project Title

Needs and acceptance study for a college of higher education for social work


The College for Social Work in Vienna presented its transformation into a specialized college of higher education for social work at the FHS Council in the year 2000. Within that framework, a needs and acceptance study was conducted. It included an analysis of demand for social workers, a questionnaire survey among former and present students of the college, qualitative expert interviews and semi-standardised interviews with employers. Among other things, the results of the study show that managers assess demand for social workers as being constant to decreasing, especially in the field of leisure time and social pedagogics.

The future training programme for social workers is assessed as highly valuable due to its modular structure (basic modules, specialised modules). Potential students as well as staff managers agree on the fact that the transformation into aspecialised college of higher education for social work will enhance the value of this type of training and that harmonisation with EU standards will prove to be an advantage. Students also expect financial improvements in their jobs.

As regards the content of the training programme, staff managers expect a basic knowledge in the fields of law, public and business administration and economics. Students on their part ask for more practical training in legal matters, more projects, more instruction in the field of business administration, the promotion of their creative and artistic potential within the framework of leisure time pedagogics, group dynamic seminars as well as training in marketing and public relations. The integration of leisure time and social pedagogics is considered a positive aspect by the students, because they judge both these qualifications to be important and to have a high future potential.

Project Management

Isabella Kaupa (SORA)

Project Team

Günter Denk (abif), Edith Enzenhofer (SORA), Karin Steiner (abif)

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Project Initiator

Association for the Promotion of Specialised Colleges of Higher Education