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Project "ALL"

Project Title

ILSS Feasibility Study


As regards methodology, the International Life Skills Survey (ILSS) was based on the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS), which was completed in 1994. The survey measured the literacy and mathematical abilities of the adult population in a number of OECD member countries. Austria did not participate in the IALS. However, the ILSS (renamed ALL) goes further than the IALS. It intends to measure "basic life skills", which are directly linked to the social and economic success of the adult population. The feasibility study for Austria's participation in the International Life Skills Survey includes a detailed planning of the individual parts of the ILSS survey, including an itemised timetable and budget plan as well as an estimate of the personnel required. It comprises a detailed National Planning Report in English and a German short version. The described methodology and content approach was acknowledged by the international consortium. The current budgetary situation in Austria prevented Austria from committing itself to take part in the study.

Project Management

Josef Hochgerner (ZSI)

Project Team

Karin Steiner (abif), Günther Ogris (SORA), Petra Wagner (ARCS), Ernst Gehmacher (abif)

Project Start


Project End



BMVIT (Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology)

Project Partner(s)

ZSI (Centre for Social Innovation), ARCS (Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf) and in co-operation with SORA (Institute for Social Research and Analysis)