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Project "EQUAL"

Project Title

Evaluation of the Common Initiative EQUAL Austria- 2000-2006


The evaluation of the common initiative EQUAL Austria 2000-2006 covers the finding and testing, as well as the promotion of new ways to fight discrimination against deprived groups of individuals on the job market, as well as the analysis and assessment thereof.

The focuses of the accompanying as well as the mid-term assessment lie in the analysis of the goals set in the programme of the common initiative EQUAL and by the development partnerships,the relevance of EQUAL, its logic of intervention and consistency of the entire programme, as well as the analysis of results and effects of EQUAL; its effectiveness and the efficiency of EQUAL interventions.

A mixed method of quantitative and qualitative approaches should be especially suited to the experimental nature of EQUAL.

Among the applicable methods would be a panel discussion of participants, a survey of businesses, interviews with experts, survey of the target group, as well as case studies in the framework of the projects which are to be evaluated by EQUAL.

Project Management

Sonja Sheikh (IFGH)

Project Team

Eva Heckl (KMU-FORSCHUNG AUSTRIA), Andrea Dorr (KMU-FORSCHUNG AUSTRIA), Verena Paul (SORA), Christoph Hofinger (SORA), Andrea Egger (abif), Karin Steiner (abif)

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BMWA - Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour