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Project "District Management"

Project Title

Sequence-evaluation of the pilot project "Grätzelmanagement"


The pilot project "Grätzelmanagement" (i.e. neighbourhood management) is an innovative district work project, which is only targeted at two areas of the Viennese municipality: Two areas, one within the 2nd and one within the 20th district. The aim is to effectively improve the short social, economic and cultural conditions by a set of different measures at different urban management levels. The sequence evaluation is geared to the bearer-institutions of the pilot project "District management" (City Vienna, Viennese business development fund, Vienna's Science Center), so that they offer an accompanying quality control to the structure, process and results of the project. Compared to the evaluation of the initial phase of "District management", where the focus was on the structure and the processes of the project, now the results of the project have taken centre stage.

The project architecture of the evaluation envisages an analysis of the project’s current work documentation and clients. This also constitutes the basis for a comparison of results with the guidelines through the goal 2-indicators. In order to be able to examine in detail the qualitative aspects of the project’s processes and the work regarding the fulfilment of inputs, guided interviews and focus groups involving all players in the project (project partner, district managers, citizen representatives, project manager), as well as an analysis of the discussion minutes are planned.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Thomas Kreiml (abif)

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Vienna's Science Centre