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Project "Mobile Counselling"

Project Title

Evaluation of the mobile counselling services


The mobile counselling services advise and attend to Austrian children and young people, who are affected or threatened by physical, mental and/or psychosocial impairments, as well as their families and social environment.
abif leads the evaluation of the mobile counselling services in co-operation with SORA and KMU research Austria

The goal of this evaluation is it to examine the achievements of the mobile counselling services with consideration of regional differences in three central dimensions: satisfaction of the customers and co-operation partners, analysis of components of the support process and analysis of the documentation of the mobile counselling services.
Furthermore the communication between BMSGK and the mobile counselling services is to be evaluated.

Methodically group interviews with employees of the mobile counselling services as well as with contact people of the relevant interfaces, a survey questioning the parents and the youngsters, and a text analysis of the case documentation and case studies with clients are to be accomplished. The results of the evaluation are to be presented at an Austrian conference.

Project Management

Isabella Kaupa (SORA)

Project Team

Brigitte Salfinger (SORA), Silvija Rapa (SORA), Eva Heckl (KMU-FORSCHUNG AUSTRIA), Andrea Dorr (KMU-FORSCHUNG AUSTRIA), Andrea Egger (abif), Mag. Thomas Kreiml (abif)

Project Start


Project End


Project Initiator

BMSGK (Federal Ministry for social security, generations and consumer protection)